Monday, February 23, 2009

No Rest

Across The Universe's Hold Me Tight (songza). Itunes Preset-Dance. Brings out the hidden Sax.

Image is from Socwall again. A guy names Steven Haseloff, he does good work.

I think Video Games are the ultimate learning medium. This is based on the fact that I still know the types of almost all 150 original Pokemon (Bulbapedia), thousands of years of made-up history from various games, and all the benefits and detriments of the Demonology v. Corruption talent tree debate from World of Warcraft (Official site). Demonology forever.

I like finding out new ways the Nintendo DS has been used to teach things, since Brain Age ( broke the idea that portable gaming doesn't have to be frivolous. The DS can also be used as an Ebook Reader (Make Magazine), and web browser.

The convergence of technology means that making a video game which teaches useful skills is increasingly likely, although nobody's figured out yet that a Biochemistry RPG with chemicals as items is not only a great educational tool, but freaking cool. I'd play that, and I'm not even that into biochemistry.

Well. That's a lie. I love biochem. But I'd play it!

All of which is part of why I'm not surprised that Second Life is giving up on being a central hub for everything, and looking to expand into education (Forbes).

It's just amusing to me that they tried such a silly thing in the first place.

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