Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Netbooks (Forbes) are pretty cool. Dangerous (Reuters), though.

I have a problem with top-down approaches. Take this one (Reuters). The idea is neat, taking the current patchwork energy grid and making it smarter, so there's less waste and chance of blackout. I doubt if they looked for any other way to achieve it, though. There's something that rankles me about private contractors bidding for government contracts with cost-plus schemes. Probably the horrendous waste.

I guess I should stop staying up so late, because it messes with my metabolism (Lifehacker). Yay for Provigil (Techcrunch).

Brazen Careerist has a way of phrasing her findings and a conversational tone which is quite appealing to me. And she's hot. Her post on finding a mentor by being annoying is also pretty on the mark, from how i've gotten mine.

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