Saturday, September 23, 2006

Blogging Information

I found a great video on business blogging (transcript here

Summary of important points:
o How often do you update your website? Search Engines are how people find your webpages, not intra-site navigation, and search engines look for fresh, quality content.

o A Blog is a Tool for website management: It's up to you to make sure that it meets your needs. Ignore Blog Nazis, who dictate the definition of a blog.

o 'Pretty good is better than perfect.' A cheap blog is better for progress than a hugely expensive website that never goes anywhere, and they are hugely search engine friendly. (Corollary: Anything worth doing well is worth doing badly.)

o By aiming your Blogging, you can get ahead of the search engine curve. Look where they are trying to get, aim for that, reap the benefits. ( SEO)

o Blogs are fun. You can Pontificate! Websites suck in terms of fun (you get it good enough and stop, hassles on page updating.

o Establish a Dialogue with your Customers. Everyone in business should recognize how good this can be.

o Schedule things to be published in the future. Teach search engines to look for you every day even while on vacation. (Cycle reduction every time they find you've updated.) Post Every Week. Comments update your blog! They freshen pages you're never gonna touch again.

o "Bloggers are a very Cranky Whiny lot." Whatever you do, someone will tell you you're doing it wrong. Expectations of blog definitions, update frequency, format, etc. Whiny lot, bloggers.

o Set guidelines for bloggery. Look at myspace for idiocy. Don't do that. A business blog should be about business. You should take your other business elsewhere.

Recommended Blogging Techniques:
- Allow Comments.
- Have an Authentic Voice- Put a Face on your Company.
- Identify your bias
- Establish Credibility through Consistency
- Follow your industry and market news
- Stay Focused

All in all, a good presentation. At the end he showed some examples from his blog of topics already covered.

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